Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership

Walla Walla , WA

Program Director

Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership
Walla Walla, WA Full-time
Posted on July 26, 2018

The Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership is accepting applications for Program Director - Water Management.

The Water Management Program Director works closely with the Executive Director and staff to develop, implement and oversee water management programs under the Partnership's authority under RCW 90.92 as a water management board. Working with diverse stakeholders, landowners and partnering agencies in the Walla Walla Basin, this position requires water rights and policy experience with demonstrated ability to work independently in an innovative environment.

Essential Functions:  

  • Implement and oversee the Partnership’s “Flow from Flexibility” local water planning, water transactions and water banking programs, including program planning, policy creation, and adaptive management to ensure pilot programs are established and implemented consistent with RCW 90.92.
  • Research and analysis of environmental information, applying a working knowledge of water rights policy and Washington Water law, with practical understanding of agriculture, hydrology, fish habitat, water conservation and irrigation.
  • Contact landowners and water users to promote Partnership programs, identifying participants and working through evaluation and negotiation of local water plans or water transactions to finalization and recommendation for Partnership Board action.
  • Apply an understanding of local projects and programs involving watersheds, conservation of natural resources, local governmental systems and political processes, and interagency and inter-jurisdictional relations.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the Water Resource Panel subcommittee in developing recommendations for the Partnership Board, ensuring multiple technical disciplines are represented and presenting the subcommittee’s recommendations to the Partnership Board.
  • Work closely with multiple jurisdictions, organizations, and stakeholders, participating with basin partners on their respective processes and procedures, including the Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program on water right transactions, the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board on efforts to update priority actions, and reporting on progress of Watershed Plan implementation.
  • Participate in watershed and water resources management forums, with an understanding of water quantity and water quality processes, knowledge of technical assessment and analysis, and familiarity with state and federal regulations.  
  • Determine priorities and set objectives, with the ability to exercise initiative and judgment within the scope of the position while accomplishing assigned tasks under tight deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Exercise supervisory duties including directing and managing staff and/or contractors in the development of local water plans, water use agreements, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Develop communications materials and make presentations to committees and to organizations, including oral and written reports, plans, memoranda and other documents on topics related to the program.
  • Participate in scoping, coordinating, and application processes for grant or funding opportunities.
  • Use and maintain databases and geographic information systems software, performing quality control checks of database inputs and query products and tracking program reporting and compliance.
  • Develop and monitor compliance plans for project agreements.
  • Respond to citizen and agency inquiries Partnership programs.
  • Perform other work as required.

The Partnership is an Equal Opportunity Employer and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.