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Maintenance Workers

Grandview School District
Grandview, WA Full-time
Posted on May 26, 2019

Grandview School District is accepting applications for two Maintenance Worker positions.

The job of Maintenance Worker is done for the purpose/s of maintaining facilities for students, staff and public in safe operating condition; maintaining a preventive maintenance program; performing skilled maintenance (e.g. plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, irrigation systems, carpentry, painting, welding, etc.) to resolve immediate operational and/or safety concerns.

Essential Functions

  • Coordinates with supervisor and other staff for the purpose of completing projects and work orders efficiently.
  • Inspects facilities, systems and their components for the purpose of ensuring safety and identifying necessary repairs and providing an ongoing program of preventive maintenance.
  • Installs system component parts, classroom and office equipment and facility components (e.g. lighting, valves, pumps, switches, piping, fences, sprinklers, sinks, toilets, wood construction, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining facilities in a safe, comfortable and operating condition.
  • Maintains tools and equipment for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items in safe operating condition.
  • Prepares documentation (e.g. cost estimates, requisitions, drawings, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support and/or conveying information.
  • Repairs various items, systems and/or components (e.g. electrical, plumbing, electronics, roofs, ovens, dishwashers, painting, wall board, safety rails, doors, locks, windows, pumps, toilets, plumbing fixtures, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that items are available and in safe working condition.
  • Replaces various items (e.g. filters, light fixtures, pumps, backstop, ballasts, transformers, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that items are working and in safe condition.
  • Requests equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of required items.
  • Responds emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.
  • Transports various items (e.g. tools, equipment, supplies, furniture, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that item are delivered to site/s.