ESD 105

Yakima , WA
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Head Start School Readiness Coach

ESD 105
Yakima, WA Full time
Posted on April 4, 2018

Head Start School Readiness Coach Yakima (starting salary: $55,680)

ESD 105 is seeking an individual interested in joining our team and working towards making a difference in young children's lives. The School Readiness coach provides coaching to teachers and teacher assistants in designated classrooms for the purpose of improving early learning environments. 

Essential Job Functions:

A. Coaches the teaching team both together and separately for the purpose of creating high quality early learning environments that measure 6 or higher on the Classroom Assessment Scoring System.

B. Collaborates with all content coordinators for the purpose of creating a cohesive approach to the work with the classroom team.

C. Collaborates with a variety of groups and/or individuals (e.g. center director, content specialists, teaching teams) for the purpose of improving the quality of child outcomes, developing solution, planning curriculum, and continuous improvement.

D. Collaborates with content specialists to develop and implement staff training related to high quality early learning environments, instructional strategies, instructional contents, etc.

E. Collaborates with schools districts, contractor and ESD P-3 staff to align early learning to K-3 child development benchmarks, instructional strategies, assessment and teacher professional development.

F. Works with all program staff and district partners to develop strong Kindergarten transition for children and their families.

G. Develops strong working relationships with local school staff and facilitates shared learning opportunities for Head Start/Early Head Start, Migrant Seasonal Head Start and Kindergarten teachers, parents and community early learning partners.

H. Works with School Readiness Content Specialist to develop training plans for each teacher and track classroom quality throughout the program.

I. Coaches, mentors and supports growth of all teachers within the program, providing continuous feedback and guidance.

J. Conducts CLASS assessments and other early learning classroom environmental assessments for the purpose of determining which classrooms need coaching. Pre and post assessments will be kept as part of the documentation of the effectiveness of the coaching; and may be used in other personnel processes.

K. Composes a wide variety of materials (e.g. reports, memos, letters, policies, work schedules, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.

L. Maintains manual and electronic files and/or records for the purpose of documenting activities, providing reliable information, and complying with District, State and Federal requirements.

M. Participates in and facilities a variety of meetings (e.g. staffing, trainings, special projects, committees, evaluations, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.

N. Researches a variety of information (e.g. current practices, laws, etc.) for the purpose of improving classroom learning environments for children.

Open Until Filled. An Equal Opportunity Employer.