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Pasco , WA

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Douglas Ag Services
Pasco, WA Part time
Posted on February 11, 2018
Douglas AG Services, inc. is offering 144 temporary outdoor agricultural positions in the Benton, Adams and Franklin county area located in the state of Washington. Name and location (s) can be obtained from your nearest State Work Force Agency. Anticipated period of employment is 3/15/2018 through 11/11/2018, qualified workers must have 3 months of tree fruit experience and expect to perform tree-fruit based agricultural work. A guaranteed wage of 14.12/hour. Piece rates for apples $15.00-$28.00 per bin, pears $22.00-$26.50 per bin, red cherries $3.00 per 20lb lug, yellow cherries $6.00 per 20lb Lug. Non-Harvest piece rate such as weeding, tree training, painting and pruning pays $0.02-$0.75. A specific piece rate/wage information for each employer can be obtained from your local State Work Force Agency. Anticipate a 40hr work week and a guaranteed 75% of hours. Free housing available for workers who cannot reasonably return to their residence each day. Tools, supplies, and equipment will be provided. Transportation and Subsistence expenses to the worksite will be provided upon 50% completion of the contract. Apply at your local Work Force Agency, Work Source Kennewick or in person at 8320 Russell Road Mesa WA, 99343 Monday-Friday 6am to 3pm for questions contact Ana Llamas at 509-412-5166.