Maintenance Utility Worker with Water Certification

City of Benton City   Benton City, WA   Full-time     Construction / Physical Labor / Skilled Trades
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Posted on July 12, 2021

Benton City Wa. Is accepting

applications for a

Maintenance Utility Worker with Water Certification

Equal Opportunity Employer

Performs a variety of unskilled or semi-skilled maintenance and construction work, and operates
various equipment in the construction, operation, repair, and maintenance, of City buildings,
water, sewer, street, and storm drainage. Performs water quality monitoring and follow up, as
needed, including laboratory measurements and other water related tasks as assigned,

1. Essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: Assists with
the planning, scheduling and implementation of construction, maintenance, and operation
activities designed to provide quality water, sewer, streets, storm drainage and parks for the
2. Inspects and/or repairs above named systems and facilities at frequent intervals to ensure
that all aspects of the systems and facilities are functioning properly.
3. Responds to complaints from the public regarding the above-named systems such as: water
leaks, pressure loss or no water, street "potholes,” improper use of any of the above-named
facilities; evaluates the situations; explains findings to the foreman verbally and if requested in
4. Contacts residents and business owners in areas where services will be discontinued and
explains when services will be temporarily terminated and how soon services will resume.
5. Ensures the proper maintenance of equipment and tools by cleaning and checking equipment
and tools after use.
6. Ensures maintenance of inventory by checking and reporting uses and needs to the foreman.
7. Drives trucks of various sizes and weights in the loading, hauling, and unloading of various
parts and equipment, dirt, gravel, snow and sand.
8. Performs routine inspection and preventive maintenance on assigned equipment and refers
defects or needed repairs to the foreman; cleans equipment.
9. Operates light to heavy construction and power equipment, such as mechanized broom,
jetter/inductor truck, dump truck, weed cutter, backhoe/loader, excavator, and/or mower
10. Performs all duties in conformance to appropriate safety and security standards.
11. Performs required labor involved in construction, maintenance and works in confined
12. Projects as part of a crew, including pavement cutting, ditch digging, manhole and line
cleaning, main and pipe repair, pipe laying and backfilling.
13. Cuts, fits, lays, repairs, taps, cleans, and flushes water and sewer mains, pipe, gates,
valves, and fittings during repair of mains and services and installation of services, to include
fire hydrants and drinking fountains.
14. Assists in or shuts off utility lines and mains to repair broken sections and Water/Sewer and
shut-off for delinquent accounts.

15. Assists in the training of lower-level employees to increase their skills in the maintenance,
construction and repair of the above-named systems and facilities.
16. Services water supply, sewer lifts and other pumps.
17. Operates a variety of power construction and maintenance equipment used by the Public
Works Department.
18. Read all City water meters for billing monthly.
19. Perform parks and grounds maintenance/repair, including mowing, weeding, trash pickup
and other park equipment maintenance/repair.
20. Safe handling, use, and disposal of toxic materials such as industrial solvents, adhesives,
paints, or other chemicals.
21. Performs water quality monitoring and follow up, as needed, including laboratory
measurements for pH levels, hardness, alkalinity, chlorine residuals, microscopic examination,
and other tasks, as required.
23. The successful candidate will be required to perform other related work as assigned.

Any equivalent combination of education and experience.
1. Graduation from high school, GED or equivalent.
2. Must have experience relating to construction, maintenance, and repair.
3. Some knowledge of equipment, facilities, materials, methods, and procedures used in
maintenance, construction, and repair activities.
4. Skill in operation of backhoe and some of the additional listed tools and equipment.

5. Ability to perform heavy manual tasks for extended periods of time; ability to work safely;
ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain
effective working relationships with employees, other departments, and the public; ability to
understand and carry out written and oral instructions; and,
6. Be available for off-hour emergences on a rotating basis.
8. Must be able to respond to emergency call outs within 15 minutes after 1 year probation period.